Coffee shops And my freedom of speech

On our travels on the bike. We frequently visit Tim Hortons. And let me just ask this question. What in the world is happening to coffee shops. You ask for a double double. And you get a regular. Maybe. That is if you are actually served. They are mostly kids with no work ethics and the managers are buried in the back room. 

Sunday was the worst day for Tim Hortons. We left our favourite Tim Hortons on Hwy 20 in Font Hill. The staff is friendly, there is always at least one manager on the floor or behind the counter. The young staff are kind and courteous. And if they do screw up a coffee which can happen. They are apologetic. After leaving there we went for a scoot trying to make it to Dunville but made a wrong turn somewhere (lol) and ended up in Welland. So my husband and I decided to stop for a coffee and recalculate our destination. We get in the coffee shop on Prince Charles next to the gas station. And Mark stood in line. I convinced him that it would be better to make a bathroom break before we order the coffee. WHAT A MISTAKE. I get out after him and notice that he is standing at the same cash he was at before he went to the bathroom and he has his bank card out. “Sweet”I thought to myself coffee is on the way. There was a young gentleman at the other cash and an elderly man behind us. The young girl (and I am remembering my politeness right now) that was at that cash before we went to the bathroom look at us 3 times, but said nothing. I asked mark what he ordered for me. He then told me that we weren’t even served yet. So I thought okay well that till is open. “Mark were you in front of this gentlemen or are we behind him” I asked. (I detest budders) he told me “Yeah I’m in front of that guy and in front of that guy at cash already. So we proceeded to move into the front of the cue. The young gentleman turned to us and apologized for jumping the line he didn’t realize that we weren’t helped yet. “No worries” I reply. “I would’ve been nice to be told by the actual employee behind the counter that she was not open anymore” but I’m smiling still thinking of the wrong turn I knew we made. We were waiting about 2 minutes when the (lovely girl) that had ignored us 3 times already opened her til up again and the older guy behind us jumped the line. “I’m done” I said to mark! I turned looked directly at the (lovely girl) and said, now very sarcastically “Real nice, you all sure know how to treat your customers”. Mark was pissed. He hates waiting to start but even more than that he hates being treated very rudely by staff and patrons alike. He works in the food industry and he would never act like that. So we storm out (without coffee) and Mark is ranting about the older man who jumped in. I was more pissed about the employee who so rudely and intentionally ignored us, I wanted to go back in and demand the managers number and the store location number, but mark would not let me. 

We get to our bikes and this woman who saw it all and had bought two ten cup coffees offered us a coffee. I smiled and said “no thank you, we just want to get out of here.” When the older man comes out. Mark yells out “it’s a good thing I respect my elders. Even the $&$holes. ”  I turned to Mark and told him not to worry. Then I called out afterwards “enjoy your coffee” and smiled. Yes I was a little sarcastic. But like I said I was more pissed at the employees. 

So we fire up the bikes and head down the road to the next one that is located in a little strip plaza by a frozen yogurt place and a bar and grill. I tell Mark to stay out side and have a smoke while I grab the coffee. (I had an alterior reason). I get in and there are about 6 employees joking and laughing. The man in front of me who is patiently waiting for his coffee, is now starting to huff. So the girl who was getting the gentleman his coffee asked one of the other girls to serve the next in line. The reply to her was “oh no you can get it, your the pro” I guess my face had changed immensely at this comment because at that point 3 employees came forth and started trying to help me. I placed my order. (2 small double doubles and a small frozen raspberry lemonade). He repeated the order and three girls were on it or I thought. One burnt a coffee lid by placing it on the burner. And was laughing hysterically about it “oh this happened again. How did she say to get this off. I did this 2 days ago and I already forgot.” I asked the young boy behind the counter if he was able to get the store location from the Tim Hortons on prince Charles. I needed to speak to the manager. At that point all there ears perked up and they were catering again. I get my coffees and a young guy comes out of the back with a phone number and say thats all the information that they have. “Thank you”I smiled. And waited I saw the girl who I thought was making the frozen lemonade for me walked by with two for drive-thru. So I’m looking around to see if they have another machine. Nope two people have already been served, that were after me. The customers behind me are not impressed by the acting up going on. And finally I snapped. “Am I going to get the lemonade I ordered or am I going to have to make it myself.” The original girl who was helping the gentleman out in the beginning. (Who was probably the most professional one in there) apologized profusely and grabbed me a medium at no extra charge.  Where was the manager the whole time? I’ll tell you. In the back probably playing games on her cell phone. It was like a children’s playground in there. I’m all about having fun but serve the customers first. 

Where is work ethics nowadays? Is there any? I would never act like this at my job. 

I horse around, have a little fun. But my production is always good. I take pride in what I do. 

When I pack a box I think of how the customer that will receive that order will be happy that nothing is damaged and how nicely it is packed. And now with that small attention to detail they will be ordering again. 

Well my rant is over. 

Thanks for reading. And if you know of any coffee shops in your area that need attention please feel free to add on. They need to be held responsible for the actions of their employees. And the employees need to realize that their pay check does not come from some magical place in the sky. 

BTW:  I got a new bike this year. Yeah.😀👍 (why are there no motorcycle icons) My husband convinced me on getting the beautiful purple 2000 sportster. 1200cc. She rides like a dream. I’m hooked all over again. 

See you on the flip side!

Long time, no write

Well it’s been a while since I wrote a post. I’ve been too busy either enjoying the ride or busy working. Since my last post I have been riding on the hwy a lot more and the nerves are gone. I think it was because I was not riding for so long. The biggest scare for me now is torrential down pores while on the bike. We hit a wall of rain on the hwy (at the same place where a motorcyclist died, not one month earlier) by the time we got to the bottom of the hill which was about 50 feet away there was an inch of water flowing over the hwy. Not to mention that it was a weekday and there were transport trucks driving by kicking up more water than you can shake a stick at we only had to go about 3-5 kms, but by the time I got home I was sooooo wet I was sitting in a pool of water.
My husband and the little pack we ride in (no club) went to a couple show and shines. Mark put his shovel in the Clare’s bike night in NOTL and one peoples choice and brought home a little trophy and a gift pack. Very cool.

Not too long after that we went to the Lincoln county show and shine and Mark one the antique trophy for that one. And he was up against some pretty nice looking rides.


Been to Dover about 3-5 times. It’s a really nice ride. One time when we were riding I was stung by a bee. He went right up by sleeve on my jacket and not only stung my in the inside of my elbow but he stung me while travelling at 80 km. By the end of the night I couldn’t bend my elbow. Mark was playing with me saying

well now you have learned your A “B” C’s of riding


You look so “B”eautiful


you don’t have to look so mad just “B”ecause you were attacked by a killer bee

he had a million of them and even got my son in on the jokes.
I have also rode with a 22 adult on the back of my bike. My daughter decided to go for a ride with us. The B$;?@ seat on my husbands bike is not the most comfortable seat in the world so my son and daughter sat in the parking lot of Tim’s arguing who was going to ride with mom. That was great. Well now that I’m back to somewhat of a routine I should be writing a little more. That is when I am not working on my new home based business. I’ll be creating another word press blog and linking them up together soon enough.
Ride safe, if you ride.
Over and out.

Highway riding

Does anybody else feel a little nervous when riding on the highway? This past weekend, or Monday rather we went riding. My face is burnt! I look like a raccoon. Anyway, we were going to Chippawa and decided to take the highway. My left leg was shaking more than leaf in a tornado. It wouldn’t stop for a while. I tried repositioning my foot four times. It is so hard to concentrate especially on he highway, especially on a highway full of pavement snakes.
You know what I mean those soft tar squiggly lines that make you feel your bike is going to go into a tank wobble or pull you somewhere you don’t want to go.
I took a few deep breathes and calmed my nerves a little and eventually it went away. But I hate that. I know I have to take highways and I usually take them in the morning going to work. (Last year) I even rode the highway in the freezing cold when I had to take my bike in to get it checked out. But why do they feel like that? The instructor at the school said that your bike wheels are just trying to find solid ground and even though you feel like you are moving inches it is really centimetres.
I know that the nerves will stop the more I ride. I just hate that I can’t control my body parts while the nerves are going. Mark tells me it takes time, and once my confidence it better the shaking will no longer happen. I never shook last year. I almost feel like reading the motorcycle training manual again.
It was such a beautiful day on Monday. I wish every day was like that, but unfortunately nothing but rain in the weather forecast for the weekend.
So back to spider mode while the weather is rough!
For all those than can ride, Ride safe!
Over and out!


Well the spider in me has kicked in full force when I am not riding or blogging. I am in the mood for filet crochet. There is so much you can do and it turns out so beautiful. (When it’s done)
I am working on some baby blankets once I get enough made I will probably take them to a craft show.
The one I have done recently is
“It’s a boy”

I am now working on the “it’s a girl” takes about 10-15 hours in total to finish them.
After that I will be doing one in pink and one in blue.
Then an alphabet blanket
Then a “God Bless This Child” for christenings
Lots of work but well worth it.
I have a question for any followers that are crafty. Is Etsy worth it? I know you have to pay to list a product for sale. And the international shipping scares me a bit. Any information would be very much appreciated.

Enjoying riding

Hello everyone. I am the happy me that gets to ride almost everyday.
Monday and Tuesday were out because of the rain. Wednesday was flipping cold, but I had to take my bike down to St. Catharines to the Niagara Motorcycle Center to get it looked at. I didn’t like a sound it was making neither did Mark, so we thought the best thing to do was let the experts hear it. The temperature was about 2 degrees Celsius. I had intended on not taking the hwy, only back roads, but it took me too long to get it out of the garage, take my dog out and get ready. So I took the Hwy.
It was very very cold, my fingers and hands were numb, my feet and legs were numb, everything was numb.
I stayed in the right lane all the way along, which is not the best thing to do. But I knew I would, only be doing the limit, maybe just over so I played it semi safe.
I finally get there, teeth chattering, barely able to get off. They told me to leave the bike running, while they listened to it. They ran it through a couple gears and told me that it was nothing to worry about.
My words exactly were “oh really! So now I have to ride her back home!”
Don’t get me wrong. I loved the fact that there was nothing wrong with the bike. But absolutely did not love the fact of having to ride her back home. 2 cities away. My husband chuckled and offered to ride it home. But there was no way I could let him ride my bike with tassels hanging off the handle bars. He had no jacket or helmet cause he picked up my son in the truck. So he would also have to wear my tasseled jacket and vest. And my helmet that says “Queen of the F#%#ing Universe.” Not cool so I decided to ride it back home.
We finally arrived home and I was shivering. I asked him if he was going to go for a ride later he said and I quote ” only an idiot would ride when it’s this cold” and starting laughing profusely. Truth be told he has ridden in colder weather than that.
Thursday we took the bikes to pick up my son from day care. It was still a little cold but bearable. We went out for dinner, a coffee then home.
Friday we spent the morning cleaning and polishing the bikes. After they were all pretty we went for a ride to have a coffee at Tim’s. We were there not even 10 minutes when it started spitting so we threw out the rest of the coffees and went to leave. The bikes were getting rained on and we had just polished them up. But a friend of ours pulled up on his ride. And convinced us to stay. He was buying the coffees. The whole time Mark was watching his bike getting rained on. I kept jumping up to wipe the rain off mine.
We stayed for the coffee, and decided to head home. The second we pulled the bikes into the garage it started pouring. We made it! I wiped my bike down for the last time before tucking her in and didn’t I touch the pipes with the cloth. Not cool. Mark is going to clean it off for me.
Today we went for a ride. Decided to stop at Tons of Bike Gear in St. Ann’s which is just outside of Font Hill They are the best for bike gear. I have purchased my boots, jacket, tons of patches, a purse, a couple pairs of glasses, gloves, a helmet, and a face mask. My husband has bought two jackets, a pair of boots and we are waiting on a helmet that matches his bike. We bought my son a vest, and a ton of patches.
They have by far the best prices. Their website is
Men’s and Ladies Motorcycle Apparel at Discount Prices
They are friendly and just plain amazing people.
I would say their prices are cheap but the product are far from it.
I will continue to shop there for anything that we need, and I highly recommend you checking out their site or if your are in the neighbourhood go and check out the store.
After there we went to Smithville for a coffee and doughnut, then headed back to hwy 20 to meet up with another friend.
All in all we put about 160 kilometres on the bike today. Not bad for a 13 degree day.
Not too much riding for me tomorrow because I will be cooking Easter dinner. Maybe after dinner I can sneak out for a ride. Maybe!
Anyway I’m out. Going to watch a movie with the love of my life.
Happy Easter too all and I hope the Easter bunny is good to all the kiddies. 😉
Safe riding.
Over and out.

A ride on the back

Went out for a ride last Wednesday, and loved it. Was wishing at that time that my son felt better so the three of us could go for a ride.

Thursday and Friday were out because he was still not feeling any better and Mark had to work out the kinks on his bike. There were many. I guess you can’t expect to take a Harley apart to the bare bones and put it back together and expect there to be no bugs. He was having clutch problems scared the crap out of me especially with all the gravel out there. It jumped like a bucking bronco. A wild stallion. He bought a tamer for it adjusted, it and it’s working beautiful. But then there was a clacking sounds metal hitting metal but it was exterior not interior. Thank goodness. He figured that one out. The chain had too much slack. So he fixed that one. Man you have to be or be married to a human wrench when you own a Harley. That has been well stated. But at least you know every inch of the vehicle your riding.
Here are some pics of his baby. The wonderful and fairly rare 1982 FXR




Saturday morning came and my finger hurt so bad I couldn’t even pull in my clutch. So riding was out. I had a hard time cleaning my house, doing laundry and some outside work that needed to get done.
Sunday was the same. But with the beautiful weather I asked if he would take me out for a ride. My mom offered to babysit. I needed to get out on two wheels. Whether I was riding or he was.
I was able to get some okay scenery shots. Not the best but it not spring and nothing is really blooming yet. I did see a beautiful house, so that will be the only pic I show of my ride yesterday

It’s raining today. Bah! And supposed to snow tonight, but the rest of this week is suppose to be warm, and my son is feeling a lot better, my finger should be a lot better by Wednesday, so riding time here I come.
Ride safe and ride hard.

My first ride of the year

I went out on,y first ride of the year today. I am so tickled pink. I seen the street cleaners out yesterday morning, but by the afternoon it was pouring. So that was out. Today was beautiful. Sunny and really warm. 9 degrees! A little cold on the bike but who cares. I got to ride.
Mark told me to only go down to the end of the street because he knew how nervous I was. I went down to the end of the street watching the gravel, pot holes and of course the vehicles who are not expecting bikes to be out. Turned around at the end of the street and came back.
I didn’t realize how much I missed her and the road. I got back to the house and Mark was standing there watching me the whole time. I love him! He asked me how it was. “Great” I replied smiling. “So you’re going for a little ride then?” I smiled even harder. He grabbed my cell phone for me. He new I didn’t want to get off. I gave him a kiss and I was on my way. Freedom! Stress relief! All the reasons I love riding. I took my time around the corners. Rural areas have not been cleaned yet! And I opened her up on the straight away. She loved it just as much as me. I went around what would be equivalent to 6-8 city blocks and made my way home. I pulled in the driveway smiling. Mark starting laughing. “Feels good eh?” Ohhhh yeah! I pulled her in the garage and patted her on the tank. “Good ride baby! And many more to come!” Tucked her in and went to help my husband clean off his tires.
His bike sunk in the mud, while taking it out of the garage. Harley’s are a little heavier than Kawasaki’s. He asked me if I wanted to go to for a coffee but Talon’s not feeling to well. Has a cold and I don’t want it to get worse. We’ll have lots of time to go for as many rides as soon as.
Sincerely a happy lady rider.

My Harley Davidson curtains

About ten years ago I found these awesome sheets at Walmart. They were Harley Davidson sheets and they were in those $5.00 bins, when they still sold fabric. I miss those days.
Anyway I never found an important enough reason to use them. I only was able to buy 4 twin sheets. We’ll my husband finished our rec room, so I made curtains for the windows. I made those a while ago.

I just recently made another set for Marks tattoo shop.
And wow I did so much better on these ones.

I took Friday off and went into crafting mode. It was great. Especially when I am not able to get out. It was raining and they still haven’t cleaned the streets. When are they going to clean them.
Mark has been out a few times and he is experiencing a lot of problems with his bike this year. The clutch lever snapped off, so he had to replace that. Now he is working on something else.
My bike has had her oil changed and all her spark plugs changed over.
She’s ready to rock. Just waiting on me. I don’t think I would mind if I had more experience under my belt. But I don’t so I am very nervous. Even if I wanted to go out today I wouldn’t be able, my son has a fever. Last night it was 103.5 gave him some benylin cold and fever, and within 15 minutes it went down to 103. After an hour it was down to 99.5 I can’t believe how fast that stuff works. He takes very well to that stuff. Probably because he only gets it when absolutely necessary. So right now I am relaxing with my son working on another craft.
A baby blanket. I will post pictures when I am done. And no I don’t have any news. Two is plenty enough for me.
Anyway for those of you out on your bikes today. Ride safe, Ride hard, and Ride a couple miles for me.
This post is a little all over, but it is how I am feeling lately.
Over and out!

My Granny to Me

I noticed that people like writing other stuff as well as what their blog is about. I love writing so I will be posting some poetry on my ladierider blog
I was not strong enough to say this poem to my granny at her funeral service so I am hoping she could see it now 🙂

My granny is the sweetest woman you’ll know,
She taught me to knit, crochet and to sew.
We always spent weekends at her house, just me, my brother and sis,
It was always so much fun, in fact it was bliss.
We would have cereal for snack and pull out the sofa couch,
My sister and I would always get it which turned my brother to a grouch.
And in the morning when woke a treat was cream of wheat,
She always made it just right, she’d never over beat.
We would leave Saturday night, but Sunday we’d be back,
After church she’d make us brunch and we were not allowed to snack.
We’d play with our puzzles or watch T.V anything to keep us amused,
And sure enough when Sunday was done someone would leave all bruised.
I love my Granny most of all, she was so nice and so sweet,
And sooner or later I know I will see her and my grampy I will meet.

This was one of the poems I made for her.

Motorcycle show Toronto

I recently, okay not recently, but two weeks ago went to the Motorcycle show in Toronto. It was amazing as ever. Mark got me to sit on a couple of Harley’s to see how I felt. And there were a lot of great deals on the Harley’s that were there, however I still don’t own one, despite his pushing. 😉 I will get one but I really like my Vulcan. My son got to sit on a bike too. A show bike. I have never had anyone allow a child to sit on a bike. I will have the picture up once I figure a photo shop where I can blur his face. We had made it about 3/4 of the way through the show when my son asked one of the ladies at a booth for a candy (politely of course) she agreed, he thanked her and started walking again. I heard my son cough and making a vomiting motion “just spit it out if it is too hot” I said to him (he doesn’t like mint, thinks it’s too hot) he made the motion again no talking, no coughing just the motion. S#^% Talon was choking. I hit my husband and yelled for him to help Talon he was choking. He hit him on the back a couple times then told me to go get the EMT. I was gone. We had just passed them. I ran jumping through people picking them up and moving them aside, it seemed to take forever to get to the EMT station. I reached them and told them that my son was choking and they followed me. I tried to run back but wanted to keep them in my sight and they were walking, fast but walking. Blackness started creeping into my peripherals from breathing so heavy then slowing down. I had to make it back, I kept telling myself. I got back to the booth were they were, but they were gone. I asked the vendor where my son and husband were and he shrugged his shoulders “who?”
“The kid who was choking, where is he” I yelled. He pointed to a booth a little way down and across the path. I scurried trying to find him. I did, he was sitting on a chair crying, but alive!!! Thank God!! I fell to my knees hyperventilating, of course I didn’t have my inhaler with me so I toughed it out. The EMT were more focused on if I was going to be okay. I didn’t care, just make sure my baby was okay. He was. I clenched him so hard I thought his eyes might pop out. Mark did the Heimlich maneuver, on Talon 3-4 times with three abdominal thrusts each time. When it finally went down. Apparently it was too deep to come out. Talk about the second time that child has scared me to near death.
Mark asked me why I didn’t do the heimlich on Talon, and to be truthful I told him I was about to, but I was afraid I was going to break his ribs. He looked at me quite seriously and said who cares Rose, you break a couple ribs but he lives. I never thought about it that way. How stupid am I!! After that I picked up a manual for my bike and both Talon and I were spent. We were ready to leave. My chest felt like it was going to implode. And his throat was a little tender.

I have a couple pictures from the show and I still trying to download the rest from my iPod.
On another note I would like to apologize to anyone I pushed a little to hard when I was running through the crowd. Hopefully if you were one of them you now understand why I was such a wild woman.