My first ever blog. Can’t be harder than learning to ride a motorcycle. Can it?

Hello to all ladies out there who just learned to ride, have been riding for years, or just enjoy being on the back enjoying the scenery.

I was one who loved being on the back of a bike wind in my face, taking pictures and listening to music. I had no problem being on the back of a bike for the rest of my life. I had no urge to ride myself. That was until my husband and I had a little boy of our own. My own flesh and blood decided to steal my rightful place on the back of my husbands bike. The day he was able to touch the back foot rests that was it. It was always his turn to go for a ride. He logged more hours than I did. It was my fault though. We told him that he was riding before he was born. I was a week away from my due date and I was on the back of the bike. I heard vibration helps;)

I came to realize that my spot was gone and I might be able to get one the bike IF my son let me and I could find a babysitter.  I never seriously thought of getting my own bike. I had never driven any other vehicle other than a car. I driven standard once, and would stall it at a stop. Clutch and throttle was something I never thought I would be able to concur. It sounded way to complicated. Riding my own bike was a pipe dream.  We moved in the mean time bought a house, and I was focusing on other things. in a constant state of anxiety, no way to release and let it all fly off.

That was until my husband came home with pictures of bikes for sale. I humoured him at first. But then it became a reality he bought me a bike. A monster of a bike a “yamaha xs eleven special” he said it would be a good learning bike. It was cheap and since we live rural on a dead end street I could practice a I wanted. I rode it I would get the clutch throttle thing, but then I would forget. I dumped it once and was ready to give up. It was too big and I didn’t feel comfortable. maybe riding just wasn’t for me.  We sold it and decide to buy one better suited to me. It was a little more but We’ll worth it. I now have my baby a Kawasaki Vulcan 750. She is a beauty. Much easier to ride. And I fell in love. Last summer I got my beginners and thought it would be best to ride it out and next year get my beginners again then go for the course.


2 thoughts on “My first ever blog. Can’t be harder than learning to ride a motorcycle. Can it?

  1. Cheers to lady riders! And Welcome to the world of blogging. Learning to blog is easier than learning to ride, but being consistent is tough :-). I’ve decided I’m a fair weather blogger. Both are great fun-Enjoy!

  2. Welcome to blogging and riding! So glad you took the beginner course…BTW, I read ahead. 🙂 I believe the requirements are stricter in Canada than in the US, and I personally think that is a good thing. Here you just take the beginner course and they let you go. I am a fan of additional training, so I would encourage you to continue with your education as well as just practicing riding. I look forward to following your story! Cheers, Lynne

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