My first wipe out

I think I have said it already but I was planning on having my beginners for the first year and get a lot of riding and practicing under my belt. (All local of course) but coming back from a coffee shop we decided to stop to check out some leathers. This company has a gravel driveway coming off a secondary highway. Not knowing that you do not use both breaks especially on gravel. (My husband was teaching me emergency stops, and stupid me I thought that was the way you stopped all the time.) I didn’t take the turn tight enough, and I was getting scared of the ditch that was close. (again not knowing that you actual go where you are looking.) I went down. Good thing that I was only going about 5 km I scuffed my arm, (no I was not wearing a jacket) hit my head (it was protected) but most of all hurt my pride. There was quite a few people in the parking lot. Not cool. That was when my husband explained to me that you never hit your front break especially when turning and especially on gravel. That would have been great to know off the hopper. I seriously thought that you used both breaks. Totally new rider! I was very anxious getting back not he bike, and was considering getting a tow truck because I was too scared. But my loving husband kept coaxing me telling me that it happens, to learn from it and not to let it stop me from riding. If you fall off a horse, you get back on the only difference is I am riding an iron horse. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I drove my baby home with the handle bars bent, well the triple tree was bent my right hand was about 7 inches ahead on my left hand and I was straight on the road. We only a short distance from the place that we stopped so we took the back roads and I made it home safe. Let me tell you the best thing I ever did was get back on that bike. I was intimidated by her for a couple weeks after that, and I told my husband (Mark) that I really wanted to take the course this year. I practiced a lot more. Just making the coffee shop stops, I even had a lady comment on how well I was riding the bike, she was really impressed. Which boosted my confidence enough that Mark told me to sign up for the course, he jutted wanted to make sure that I had my confidence back.

There were times within that period that I wanted to ride on the back of his bike. He was not impressed. I just wanted to be close to him and to take some pictures, plus we had a babysitter. But he knew deep down that I was lacking in confidence. He was right.

I took the motorcycle course at Niagara College in Welland, only because the one at Brock university was already closed for the year. But it was a good choice. I had two wonderful teachers that got along with everyone, and they really liked to pick on me. But every time I was definitely up to the challenge.
I rode one of the smallest bikes they had, because I thought it would be easier, however the instructors kept giving me crap cause I kept moving closer and closer onto the fender. I am 5’8″ so that was not the right bike for me. But I did a great job. I enjoyed the class and every time the instructors would teach us something new, we would have to line up, and of course no one wanted to be first, so of course they started calling me out first. Not only that but they tell you “you are paying to be there to ride, and learn to ride, so why not get the most time out of it.” They were right. I had a blast. Until test time. Why is it that word “TEST” sends shivers down your spine and you start panicking? The test went great until came the 3 straight aways where you had to either immediately turn right or left; panic stop; or make a turn and stop at the end. My wonderful bike did not have a speedometer, so I was travelling way too fast, the sped they wanted you to go was 35, I was going 47. Not good! But I have to half blame the instructors, because the whole 2 days, they were constantly telling me to pick up the pace. The way I look at it is “Anyone can drive fast, it the walking pace that I want to master” that way I know I am a good rider. (I won that friendly competition that day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
You were allowed to have (I think) 8 demerits before they told you to come back, I only received 2, because of the going too fast thing. So I now have my M2 and will be going for my full M not this summer but next summer, I want to make sure I know that bike in and out before going for the final.

My scuffed arm!


5 thoughts on “My first wipe out

  1. We live and we learn. I have been riding for a decade and every time I ride with my fellow Vets, I always stall my motorcycle. Heck I get embarrassed but at the end of the day, I like riding more then being embarrassed. Be safe, have fun and smile; that is what riding is all about.

    • You are so right. I am so glad I got back on. I hate it when I stall at a light though. I know it happens to everyone. I love the clarity you get when riding. It puts life into perspective. I’m going a little stir crazy here in Canada. I hate winters!

  2. ouch! I fell off my bike at 16 and never got back on, Now at 56 I passed my motorcycle test and hate myself for all the lost time I had that I could have been enjoying the fantastic feelings one gets on a motorcycle, I learn something new everyday and so glad you had the gumption to get back on and go forth. enjoy your life you only have one.

    • I am not sure what I did. But your comment disappeared. It now says pending. I tried to go to your blog to see what you are blogging about. But like I said it disappeared. Newbies you got to love us ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That is awesome that you did (even after so many years) get back on. It was Mark who pushed me. I was ready to give up. But he wouldn’t let me. I wish I would have got my Motorcycle licence sooner. I love the freedom. Nothing else in this world can come close to that feeling!

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