Still counting the days

Well, today I thought I smelled spring in the air and I got excited. Really excited. But then found out there is a storm warning in effect. Not too happy. Trying to keep myself busy at home, crocheting and reading. But I want out! Mark finished all the customs on his FXR. Man it is looking beautiful. Many snags along the way. Lots of cash sunk into her this year. Not only on cosmetics but he had to replace a transmission. He decided to have a wonderful friend of his paint the frame to match the tank and fender. I questioned it at first, but after seeing the finished product. WOW!!! What a difference. His friend is amazing with paint.

My bike is getting just the basics when the weather gets better, I have been offered some upgrades and such. But I know I am going to want a Harley soon enough, so I will wait to do my customs until I get my girl. At first I didn’t want a Harley, I am not into brand names for anything that I have. However having the husband and the friends that I do I have come to the conclusion that I will be getting a Harley sooner or later. Plus they have more get up and go when you need it, and they are a lot more solid. I don’t like wind! Does anybody ever feel like they are going to be blown over when it is really windy?

Also another question for readers who ride a Harley. What Harley would you recommend for a ladie rider? I have heard a sportster is good, but isn’t the ride really rough? I remember being on Marks sportster (his first bike) and man my backside was sore. Plus his back starting hurting, not to mention the kickstart kicked him back and broke his ankle. Being the trooper he was he still went for anorther ride before he decided to take his boot off. Not recommended!

I really want to do my homework before I make the big purchase.

In regards to the customs on Marks bike I will have pictures as soon as I upload them to my computer!


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