Motorcycle show Toronto

I recently, okay not recently, but two weeks ago went to the Motorcycle show in Toronto. It was amazing as ever. Mark got me to sit on a couple of Harley’s to see how I felt. And there were a lot of great deals on the Harley’s that were there, however I still don’t own one, despite his pushing. 😉 I will get one but I really like my Vulcan. My son got to sit on a bike too. A show bike. I have never had anyone allow a child to sit on a bike. I will have the picture up once I figure a photo shop where I can blur his face. We had made it about 3/4 of the way through the show when my son asked one of the ladies at a booth for a candy (politely of course) she agreed, he thanked her and started walking again. I heard my son cough and making a vomiting motion “just spit it out if it is too hot” I said to him (he doesn’t like mint, thinks it’s too hot) he made the motion again no talking, no coughing just the motion. S#^% Talon was choking. I hit my husband and yelled for him to help Talon he was choking. He hit him on the back a couple times then told me to go get the EMT. I was gone. We had just passed them. I ran jumping through people picking them up and moving them aside, it seemed to take forever to get to the EMT station. I reached them and told them that my son was choking and they followed me. I tried to run back but wanted to keep them in my sight and they were walking, fast but walking. Blackness started creeping into my peripherals from breathing so heavy then slowing down. I had to make it back, I kept telling myself. I got back to the booth were they were, but they were gone. I asked the vendor where my son and husband were and he shrugged his shoulders “who?”
“The kid who was choking, where is he” I yelled. He pointed to a booth a little way down and across the path. I scurried trying to find him. I did, he was sitting on a chair crying, but alive!!! Thank God!! I fell to my knees hyperventilating, of course I didn’t have my inhaler with me so I toughed it out. The EMT were more focused on if I was going to be okay. I didn’t care, just make sure my baby was okay. He was. I clenched him so hard I thought his eyes might pop out. Mark did the Heimlich maneuver, on Talon 3-4 times with three abdominal thrusts each time. When it finally went down. Apparently it was too deep to come out. Talk about the second time that child has scared me to near death.
Mark asked me why I didn’t do the heimlich on Talon, and to be truthful I told him I was about to, but I was afraid I was going to break his ribs. He looked at me quite seriously and said who cares Rose, you break a couple ribs but he lives. I never thought about it that way. How stupid am I!! After that I picked up a manual for my bike and both Talon and I were spent. We were ready to leave. My chest felt like it was going to implode. And his throat was a little tender.

I have a couple pictures from the show and I still trying to download the rest from my iPod.
On another note I would like to apologize to anyone I pushed a little to hard when I was running through the crowd. Hopefully if you were one of them you now understand why I was such a wild woman.











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