My Granny to Me

I noticed that people like writing other stuff as well as what their blog is about. I love writing so I will be posting some poetry on my ladierider blog
I was not strong enough to say this poem to my granny at her funeral service so I am hoping she could see it now 🙂

My granny is the sweetest woman you’ll know,
She taught me to knit, crochet and to sew.
We always spent weekends at her house, just me, my brother and sis,
It was always so much fun, in fact it was bliss.
We would have cereal for snack and pull out the sofa couch,
My sister and I would always get it which turned my brother to a grouch.
And in the morning when woke a treat was cream of wheat,
She always made it just right, she’d never over beat.
We would leave Saturday night, but Sunday we’d be back,
After church she’d make us brunch and we were not allowed to snack.
We’d play with our puzzles or watch T.V anything to keep us amused,
And sure enough when Sunday was done someone would leave all bruised.
I love my Granny most of all, she was so nice and so sweet,
And sooner or later I know I will see her and my grampy I will meet.

This was one of the poems I made for her.


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