My Harley Davidson curtains

About ten years ago I found these awesome sheets at Walmart. They were Harley Davidson sheets and they were in those $5.00 bins, when they still sold fabric. I miss those days.
Anyway I never found an important enough reason to use them. I only was able to buy 4 twin sheets. We’ll my husband finished our rec room, so I made curtains for the windows. I made those a while ago.

I just recently made another set for Marks tattoo shop.
And wow I did so much better on these ones.

I took Friday off and went into crafting mode. It was great. Especially when I am not able to get out. It was raining and they still haven’t cleaned the streets. When are they going to clean them.
Mark has been out a few times and he is experiencing a lot of problems with his bike this year. The clutch lever snapped off, so he had to replace that. Now he is working on something else.
My bike has had her oil changed and all her spark plugs changed over.
She’s ready to rock. Just waiting on me. I don’t think I would mind if I had more experience under my belt. But I don’t so I am very nervous. Even if I wanted to go out today I wouldn’t be able, my son has a fever. Last night it was 103.5 gave him some benylin cold and fever, and within 15 minutes it went down to 103. After an hour it was down to 99.5 I can’t believe how fast that stuff works. He takes very well to that stuff. Probably because he only gets it when absolutely necessary. So right now I am relaxing with my son working on another craft.
A baby blanket. I will post pictures when I am done. And no I don’t have any news. Two is plenty enough for me.
Anyway for those of you out on your bikes today. Ride safe, Ride hard, and Ride a couple miles for me.
This post is a little all over, but it is how I am feeling lately.
Over and out!


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