My first ride of the year

I went out on,y first ride of the year today. I am so tickled pink. I seen the street cleaners out yesterday morning, but by the afternoon it was pouring. So that was out. Today was beautiful. Sunny and really warm. 9 degrees! A little cold on the bike but who cares. I got to ride.
Mark told me to only go down to the end of the street because he knew how nervous I was. I went down to the end of the street watching the gravel, pot holes and of course the vehicles who are not expecting bikes to be out. Turned around at the end of the street and came back.
I didn’t realize how much I missed her and the road. I got back to the house and Mark was standing there watching me the whole time. I love him! He asked me how it was. “Great” I replied smiling. “So you’re going for a little ride then?” I smiled even harder. He grabbed my cell phone for me. He new I didn’t want to get off. I gave him a kiss and I was on my way. Freedom! Stress relief! All the reasons I love riding. I took my time around the corners. Rural areas have not been cleaned yet! And I opened her up on the straight away. She loved it just as much as me. I went around what would be equivalent to 6-8 city blocks and made my way home. I pulled in the driveway smiling. Mark starting laughing. “Feels good eh?” Ohhhh yeah! I pulled her in the garage and patted her on the tank. “Good ride baby! And many more to come!” Tucked her in and went to help my husband clean off his tires.
His bike sunk in the mud, while taking it out of the garage. Harley’s are a little heavier than Kawasaki’s. He asked me if I wanted to go to for a coffee but Talon’s not feeling to well. Has a cold and I don’t want it to get worse. We’ll have lots of time to go for as many rides as soon as.
Sincerely a happy lady rider.


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