A ride on the back

Went out for a ride last Wednesday, and loved it. Was wishing at that time that my son felt better so the three of us could go for a ride.

Thursday and Friday were out because he was still not feeling any better and Mark had to work out the kinks on his bike. There were many. I guess you can’t expect to take a Harley apart to the bare bones and put it back together and expect there to be no bugs. He was having clutch problems scared the crap out of me especially with all the gravel out there. It jumped like a bucking bronco. A wild stallion. He bought a tamer for it adjusted, it and it’s working beautiful. But then there was a clacking sounds metal hitting metal but it was exterior not interior. Thank goodness. He figured that one out. The chain had too much slack. So he fixed that one. Man you have to be or be married to a human wrench when you own a Harley. That has been well stated. But at least you know every inch of the vehicle your riding.
Here are some pics of his baby. The wonderful and fairly rare 1982 FXR




Saturday morning came and my finger hurt so bad I couldn’t even pull in my clutch. So riding was out. I had a hard time cleaning my house, doing laundry and some outside work that needed to get done.
Sunday was the same. But with the beautiful weather I asked if he would take me out for a ride. My mom offered to babysit. I needed to get out on two wheels. Whether I was riding or he was.
I was able to get some okay scenery shots. Not the best but it not spring and nothing is really blooming yet. I did see a beautiful house, so that will be the only pic I show of my ride yesterday

It’s raining today. Bah! And supposed to snow tonight, but the rest of this week is suppose to be warm, and my son is feeling a lot better, my finger should be a lot better by Wednesday, so riding time here I come.
Ride safe and ride hard.


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