Enjoying riding

Hello everyone. I am the happy me that gets to ride almost everyday.
Monday and Tuesday were out because of the rain. Wednesday was flipping cold, but I had to take my bike down to St. Catharines to the Niagara Motorcycle Center to get it looked at. I didn’t like a sound it was making neither did Mark, so we thought the best thing to do was let the experts hear it. The temperature was about 2 degrees Celsius. I had intended on not taking the hwy, only back roads, but it took me too long to get it out of the garage, take my dog out and get ready. So I took the Hwy.
It was very very cold, my fingers and hands were numb, my feet and legs were numb, everything was numb.
I stayed in the right lane all the way along, which is not the best thing to do. But I knew I would, only be doing the limit, maybe just over so I played it semi safe.
I finally get there, teeth chattering, barely able to get off. They told me to leave the bike running, while they listened to it. They ran it through a couple gears and told me that it was nothing to worry about.
My words exactly were “oh really! So now I have to ride her back home!”
Don’t get me wrong. I loved the fact that there was nothing wrong with the bike. But absolutely did not love the fact of having to ride her back home. 2 cities away. My husband chuckled and offered to ride it home. But there was no way I could let him ride my bike with tassels hanging off the handle bars. He had no jacket or helmet cause he picked up my son in the truck. So he would also have to wear my tasseled jacket and vest. And my helmet that says “Queen of the F#%#ing Universe.” Not cool so I decided to ride it back home.
We finally arrived home and I was shivering. I asked him if he was going to go for a ride later he said and I quote ” only an idiot would ride when it’s this cold” and starting laughing profusely. Truth be told he has ridden in colder weather than that.
Thursday we took the bikes to pick up my son from day care. It was still a little cold but bearable. We went out for dinner, a coffee then home.
Friday we spent the morning cleaning and polishing the bikes. After they were all pretty we went for a ride to have a coffee at Tim’s. We were there not even 10 minutes when it started spitting so we threw out the rest of the coffees and went to leave. The bikes were getting rained on and we had just polished them up. But a friend of ours pulled up on his ride. And convinced us to stay. He was buying the coffees. The whole time Mark was watching his bike getting rained on. I kept jumping up to wipe the rain off mine.
We stayed for the coffee, and decided to head home. The second we pulled the bikes into the garage it started pouring. We made it! I wiped my bike down for the last time before tucking her in and didn’t I touch the pipes with the cloth. Not cool. Mark is going to clean it off for me.
Today we went for a ride. Decided to stop at Tons of Bike Gear in St. Ann’s which is just outside of Font Hill They are the best for bike gear. I have purchased my boots, jacket, tons of patches, a purse, a couple pairs of glasses, gloves, a helmet, and a face mask. My husband has bought two jackets, a pair of boots and we are waiting on a helmet that matches his bike. We bought my son a vest, and a ton of patches.
They have by far the best prices. Their website is
Men’s and Ladies Motorcycle Apparel at Discount Prices
They are friendly and just plain amazing people.
I would say their prices are cheap but the product are far from it.
I will continue to shop there for anything that we need, and I highly recommend you checking out their site or if your are in the neighbourhood go and check out the store.
After there we went to Smithville for a coffee and doughnut, then headed back to hwy 20 to meet up with another friend.
All in all we put about 160 kilometres on the bike today. Not bad for a 13 degree day.
Not too much riding for me tomorrow because I will be cooking Easter dinner. Maybe after dinner I can sneak out for a ride. Maybe!
Anyway I’m out. Going to watch a movie with the love of my life.
Happy Easter too all and I hope the Easter bunny is good to all the kiddies. 😉
Safe riding.
Over and out.


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