Highway riding

Does anybody else feel a little nervous when riding on the highway? This past weekend, or Monday rather we went riding. My face is burnt! I look like a raccoon. Anyway, we were going to Chippawa and decided to take the highway. My left leg was shaking more than leaf in a tornado. It wouldn’t stop for a while. I tried repositioning my foot four times. It is so hard to concentrate especially on he highway, especially on a highway full of pavement snakes.
You know what I mean those soft tar squiggly lines that make you feel your bike is going to go into a tank wobble or pull you somewhere you don’t want to go.
I took a few deep breathes and calmed my nerves a little and eventually it went away. But I hate that. I know I have to take highways and I usually take them in the morning going to work. (Last year) I even rode the highway in the freezing cold when I had to take my bike in to get it checked out. But why do they feel like that? The instructor at the school said that your bike wheels are just trying to find solid ground and even though you feel like you are moving inches it is really centimetres.
I know that the nerves will stop the more I ride. I just hate that I can’t control my body parts while the nerves are going. Mark tells me it takes time, and once my confidence it better the shaking will no longer happen. I never shook last year. I almost feel like reading the motorcycle training manual again.
It was such a beautiful day on Monday. I wish every day was like that, but unfortunately nothing but rain in the weather forecast for the weekend.
So back to spider mode while the weather is rough!
For all those than can ride, Ride safe!
Over and out!


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