Long time, no write

Well it’s been a while since I wrote a post. I’ve been too busy either enjoying the ride or busy working. Since my last post I have been riding on the hwy a lot more and the nerves are gone. I think it was because I was not riding for so long. The biggest scare for me now is torrential down pores while on the bike. We hit a wall of rain on the hwy (at the same place where a motorcyclist died, not one month earlier) by the time we got to the bottom of the hill which was about 50 feet away there was an inch of water flowing over the hwy. Not to mention that it was a weekday and there were transport trucks driving by kicking up more water than you can shake a stick at we only had to go about 3-5 kms, but by the time I got home I was sooooo wet I was sitting in a pool of water.
My husband and the little pack we ride in (no club) went to a couple show and shines. Mark put his shovel in the Clare’s bike night in NOTL and one peoples choice and brought home a little trophy and a gift pack. Very cool.

Not too long after that we went to the Lincoln county show and shine and Mark one the antique trophy for that one. And he was up against some pretty nice looking rides.


Been to Dover about 3-5 times. It’s a really nice ride. One time when we were riding I was stung by a bee. He went right up by sleeve on my jacket and not only stung my in the inside of my elbow but he stung me while travelling at 80 km. By the end of the night I couldn’t bend my elbow. Mark was playing with me saying

well now you have learned your A “B” C’s of riding


You look so “B”eautiful


you don’t have to look so mad just “B”ecause you were attacked by a killer bee

he had a million of them and even got my son in on the jokes.
I have also rode with a 22 adult on the back of my bike. My daughter decided to go for a ride with us. The B$;?@ seat on my husbands bike is not the most comfortable seat in the world so my son and daughter sat in the parking lot of Tim’s arguing who was going to ride with mom. That was great. Well now that I’m back to somewhat of a routine I should be writing a little more. That is when I am not working on my new home based business. I’ll be creating another word press blog and linking them up together soon enough.
Ride safe, if you ride.
Over and out.


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